How You Gonna Live Your Dash?


Easterhouse, Glasgow

Touring 28 January – 13 February 2016

Script three-stars Stagecraft four-stars Performance  three-stars


Jenna Watt presents her latest performance, a co-production with Platform and in association with Showroom – How You Gonna Live Your Dash? Exploring life-altering decisions people make in order to get the most out of their time on the planet: giving up a good career because you can’t bear the boss who used to be a friend, confronting an addiction, shooting a sucker rifle at a globe and moving there …

HowYouGonnaLiveYourDsh_.jpgBased on reality, this punchy piece of theatre asks us to explore /detonate our own existence and look at ‘the dash’ which ultimately is the short period between birth and death, otherwise known as the rat race. Created and performed by Jenna Watt and co performed by Ashley Smith this is experimental theatre living on the edge. With fascinating sound effects in the form of amplified heavy breathing and the sound on a turntable as a record is about to start or end…interesting analogies in sound on ‘the dash’.

How-you-gonna-liveThe special effects are equally as impressive with bubbling cotton wool, smoke machines, clever use of fire in the pyrotechnics and even a slowed down music-less narration of Phil Collins Against All Odds .

Jenna was a recipient of Creative Scotland’s Artist Bursary where she spent a week at Cove Park writing Faslane. The fruit of this period is well worth a watch & I look forward to her future efforts with anticipation, for she really seems to have the gift.

Reviewer : Clare Crines



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