Life on Wheels

Eden Court, Inverness

26th of November

life on wheels.jpg

Life on wheels is the dream child of Jessie Rose and Lisa Truscott and is performed by the company Bella Kinetica which they have formed to explore the use of aerial and circus performances. It uses the medium of roller booting and circus skills to tell a story of two friends who are growing up in the 1940’s and their joys and traumas as they follow their life’s journey. The story starts in war time Britain showing the full drama of air raids and then the delight as victory was declared. The pair work in a wash house the audience are shown an amazing set that is made up of yards and yards of washing lines. The performance touches on the changes to the washing industry over the time period with the advent of washing machines.

The story is told through interviews of the women as elderly ladies and through snippets of news reals and adverts from the time as well as a very fitting sound track of songs from the period.

During the play there are some amazing displays of acrobats and dancing all on roller boots and with brilliant use of props. While creating the illusion of the pairs suitors and later on husbands being on stage men’s jackets hung on hangers are used, visually very impressive and believable the two ladies danced effortlessly with their husbands.

The play explored both life’s  joys the war ending, young love, birth but also explored the darker  emotions such as the loss and hopelessness felt by one of the ladies who was unable to have children. A very heartfelt and emotionally challenging dance was performed portraying depression and despair.  The play also explored other dark aspects of life at the times such as physical and mental abuse within marriage. The play ends with the pair now as widows still lifetime friends and still supporting each other as they have always done even though at times they drifted apart due to the pressures of family and life.

I would urge anyone to go and view this play it is very thought provoking and the beauty of the set use of props and the talent of the girls is a pleasure to watch.

Script four-stars
Stagecraft five-stars
Performance five-stars


Reviewer : Lucy Tonkin


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