Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Venue: New Athenaeum Theatre

Tues 3-Friday 6 Nov 2015

Tickets: £5 – £15.50

Kidnapped-pic-RCS-NTS-SketchDouble characters are the name of the game in this R.C.S. offering which is outstandingly performed with gusto and energy extraordinaire. David Balfour (Sarah Miele and Rebekah Lumsden) is the determined young man who has just lost his parents to the Redcoats. His uncle Ebeneezer Balfour (Nicholas Barton-Wines) is about to blow David’s head off when he arrives at his home with a letter of introduction. The letter from David’s late father reveals that Ebeneezer is family and so David moves in. A foiled murder attempt is followed by a shady deal with Hoseason  (Robert Ginty and Shane Quigley Murphy) to kidnap and put David on a ship bound for the Carolinas and impending slavery. Duped by the evil uncle!  David Balfour of Shaws will get his revenge. And so he does, befriending Jacobite Alan – Breck Stewart on the way (Jacob Vigeland and Laurie Scott) and the swashbuckling begins. So do the wondrously creative struggles – how do you show running for 200 miles effectively? The rain misting down on us, the celebratory dances and the immense costume and height not to mention drama of the elusive Red Fox. If this wasn’t enough David and Alan rest up and lose their money to card playing host Cluny McPherson ( Jamie Buchanan). Alan makes it home to Edinburgh with David but unfortunately doesn’t live to see David getting his rightful inheritance.


The Scottish country dancing mixed with thigh slapping tap moves and a wee bit of rave flung in is highly entertaining. The music throughout was superb. Be prepared to be moved six times by the stage hands and the cast – this adds to the drama and audience participation which finds its height when you’re burling around the room at the casts request. This is the first time I’ve watched a play in its entirety standing and didn’t once think of needing a seat. Director and astoundingly versatile set designer ( Graham McLaren ) and well choreographed action from Fight Director (Raymond Short) and amazing circus and ariel antics ensures this as an epic production from the current third year students. Fantastically engrossing – the buzz you get from the cast will energise you for days. FIVE STARS


 Reviewer : Clare Crines

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  1. This was a truly magical play – I came from California just to see this amazing piece of work! Great lighting and senery

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