Thingummy Bob

Eden Court

3 November 2015


Since 1984 the Lung Ha theatre company has been putting on original plays using actors that have learning disabilities. Their latest play is about Bob an older gentleman who lives in a care home .Bob wants to leave the care home to retrieve something from his old house only he can’t remember what it is.  The play opens with Lesley (Karen Sutherland) Bob’s Niece writing a letter from Australia to him and this is used to introduce the rest of the cast; we have Bob who has Alzheimer’s and has lived in a care home for a number of years, Gemma a childhood friend of Lesley who checks in on Bob and will help him in his adventures and Cap (Mark Howie) and Nurse (Kenneth Ainslie) who take care of Bob at the home.

Jon Edgar playing the eponymous Bob gives a beautiful performance with touches of humour and sadness as he attempts to complete what would for most people be the most mundane of tasks turning it into an epic adventure.  As Bob tries to get out of the home, he is thwarted by his carers and his own mind until he manages to concoct a clever plan that outwits all about. The story is not about what Bob (or the other characters) wants but more about the experience of getting there, it has both comedic moments and very moving parts that makes you feel part of the story.  All the cast members play their parts well and I felt that the audience was impressed.

The music throughout the play added much to the play, keeping the pace going yet not overtaking the performances of the actors.  The set was designed like a surreal vision of the care home maybe giving an insight into how Bob perceives the world around him. This play was performed with passion and care, it drew the whole audience in and had them both laughing and crying. The play next moves to Platform – The Bridge, Glasgow: 5 – 6 November, 2015 and is recommended for all ages. FOUR STARS


Reviewer : Stewart Tonkin

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