It’s A Wonderful Life

Eden Court
1st November


This inspired production (directed by Guy Retallack) of Frank Capra’s classic film is staged as a radio play. Set in the forties, the director captures the era perfectly by transforming the film into a ‘wireless’ piece and using live sound effects to compliment the action. Actors play various roles and move in and out with ease. They do so effortlessly and effectively, for example Ernie the taxi driver also plays the younger George Bailey. Show casing their wide variety of acting skills and abilities.


This world famous story tells us of George Bailey and how he overcomes his fears with the help of his guardian angel Clarence. George is a depressed and troubled man having got caught up in small town scandal and begins to question life. With help from a Guardian Angel George finaly realises that despite his problems it truly is a wonderful life! The story is captured perfectly in this production and leaves the audience with a wonderful feel – good factor.
A good night had by all, I would highly recomened a trip to the theatre to see ‘Its A Wonderful Life’. An unusual and captivating performance.

Reviewer : Stephanie McDaid

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