The Wakeful Chamber

Play, Pie and a Pint

The Oran Mor


Oct 26th – 31st


 There is a lot of darkness and silence. Kim Allan plays The Woman, haunted by the tragic loss of her boyfriend who died in a car accident. The musician, Doctor and Gregor triple part is played by David Rankine, actor and musician from Glasgow band The Giant Squidz. The musician sits stage left playing his guitar while seated at a drum kit. The Woman sits at a desk stage right and she is obsessively counting. The metronome ticks and she is clock watching on an epic scale. What is she doing? Why is she doing this? As the play unfolds we are taken on a voyage into the frailty of the human psyche and the torturous need for The woman to stay awake and somehow connect with her dead lover.

‘Bridges burn

Bubbles burst

Pages turn

Rocks fall

Branches crack

Necks snap

Time Stops

Rabbit gets squashed.’

This mantra is a verbose and gushing lament to herself as she struggles to comprehend what has happened to her partner and the reality that her life is as squashed as said rabbit. Powerful insights into the power of the dark keep us intrigued, not the fear of it but ‘fates sealed out of sight while we sleep.’ She needs to ‘power down, regenerate, planets shift, we drift..’ This woman is exhausted! But she can’t give in. She has a conversation with her Doctor who tries to help her with her insomniac existence. Exploring the similarity of humans to bats with some fascinating facts. Stars in trillions of years will not be light bearing and will have expired giving rise to The Woman’s thoughts that the human race will have ‘no need for eyes.’ Do you know that you lose 30,000 cells per minute, well you do now!

This play is a personal private take on the chaos that ensues when a loved one is wrenched from us quickly and cruelly. There are no answers to The Woman’s search for her lover and it is only through her garrulous manic almost bi-polar galaxy mapping that she sees him and briefly connects again. FOUR STARS


Reviewer : Clare Crines

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