A Play A Pie And A Pint
Oran Mor, Glasgow
Oct 12th-17th


There can be few people in the developed world who have not had some sort of contact with dementia at some point in their lives yet it still remains essentially a taboo topic. This hard hitting play by Linda Duncan McLaughlin tackles the problem head on and pulls no punches in it’s bleak assessment of the realities of dealing with the condition and the corrosive effect it has on day to day family life and relationships. Played as a flashback from the present as Cathy (Wendy Seager) packs a suitcase with her husband Rob’s (Barrie Hunter) clothes it shows his deterioration from a successful architect to a barely functioning shell of a man who is unable to remember how to sit down properly.

IMG_2248iInitially both are in denial as it slowly becomes obvious that something is going seriously wrong and it falls to their daughter Nicola (Fiona McNeil) to attempt to draw their attention to the deteriorating mental state of her father, a thankless role, for which she is roundly ridiculed and criticised by her parents. As Cathy tries to care for Rob at home they both end up imprisoned in their own ways-she unable to leave him and he too great a danger to himself to allowed out. Eventually the inevitable happens and Rob has to go to a home when Cathy can no longer cope on her own.
This play reveals how difficult it is living with a loved one who is no longer the person they used to be and the guilt, distress and hardship of those directly affected by Dementia.

Barrie Hunter’s portrayal of the disintegrating Rob is powerful. spellbinding and heartbreaking and the supporting cast, lighting, sound and direction were all excellent. A must see. FIVE STARS


Reviewer : Dave Ivens

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