Not About Heroes

Inverness Eden Court
3rd Oct 2015
Thomas Cotran as Wilfred Owen
Ali Watt as Siegfried Sassoon
Ewan Petrie as Officers Batman
heroes 1The much acclaimed ‘Not About Heroes’ tells the story of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon during the First World War. A chance meeting in a war hospital for soldiers suffering from mental problems. They where to become two of the greatest and memorable war poets of their time. The Authors of well known pieces such as Anthem for Doomed Youth,Mental Cases and Strange Meeting. As the audience took their seats two figures appear on either side of the stage. With the stage still in darkness the men silently stood. For ten minutes before the start of the play these two men dressed from modern clothes into their military 1915 uniforms. Too watch the characters transform in front of you was both intriguing to say the least.
The opening scene introduces us to Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon sharing a drink before a long and difficult goodbye to one another. Owen heading back to war and Siegfried residing in the Craiglockhart War Hospital where they met. Here the play rewinds back to that first meeting and from there a close bond grows for one another. Owen and Seigfried’s relationship is from there developed through letters and a handful of meetings as the two battle their own experiences and disasters through out the war. Seigfried returns to the front line and is shot in the head but survives. Sadly Owen is shot and dies 7 days before the official end of the war. The strong connection between the two is played with such emotion and passion the audience where captivated. The hint of a homosexual relationship is cleverly touched upon by the director, showing the secrecy of gay relations in this era.
heroes 2
The Director/ Writer weaves poetry, letters and memoires into the play. The actors dance with one another to convey fighting and emotional struggle while poems are echoed or read in unison giving a powerful effect. This stunning play leaves the audience with a real insight into the devastating truths of war, the power of the written word and above all love between two men. If you have the change to see this play it will not only educate but touch upon your heart for the men that fought in this devastating and brutal war. Congratulations to both actors and director for a true and powerful performance. FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Stephanie McDaid

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