Dinosaur Zoo

Festival Theatre

September 19th and 20th

Sat 11am and 2pm/Sunday 2pm



Dinosaur Petting Zoo, ERTH, Carriageworks

Dinosaur Petting Zoo, ERTH, Carriageworks

I arrived with my daughter and her friend, both aged nine, at a fairly full Festival Theatre, mingling with a mixed bunch of parents and children mainly aged six and under. The show we sat down to was introduced by our host for the next hour Shaun Morton. The journey begins with our host introducing us to the smaller dinosaurs moving gradually onto the slightly scary Tyrannosaurus Rex for the grand finale. The great thing about the show was the constant audience participation. Shaun Morton manages to engage the audience at all points – the adults with his quick wit and the children with his enthusiasm and knowledge, The show is clearly aimed to be educational as well as fun, with lots of interesting facts about how dinosaurs interacted with each other and their environment through the ages.

The children’s interaction with these extraordinary life-like puppets was hugely entertaining, Children of various ages joined the team on stage to tame and feed the huge creatures, and seemed to fully enjoy the experience. The ‘meat and greet’ after the show allowed the entire audience to get up close with the dinosaurs. Thanks to the great job the cast does, the show transports you to the dinosaur age, with screams of terror and joy throughout. The girls gave it FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Dolina Gorman

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