A Cinema in South Georgia

The Pleasance







A Cinema in South Georgia is a dashingly spirited romp through the life & times of four South Atlantic Whalers from Scotland, who find themselves working a LONG way from home on the wave-swept island of South Georgia. Based on real-life accounts of that salty old life, & laced with thought-provoking moments concerning the slaughtering of our oceans’ whales, we are transported to christmas 1959-60, at the heart of the Claret’s last championship winning season when Harry Potts led Burnley to the title, claiming top spot on only after the very last match!


The cinema in question was created, according to the play, by a projector taken from Leith’s Alhambra cinema,& on that xmas eve was showing Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. From here we follow the four lads into home-brew fuelled sessions & a jaunty trip to Aruba, all served up with some lovely lowland Scots dialect. Throughout the play we hear catchy monologues, second-bucket sea-shanties & music-hall songs, & one is left feeling with an inimitable warm glow by the end. The four actors have a most splendid chemistry, led by the professionally outstanding, Blackadder II lookalike Euan Mciver. All the rest of the lads gave stand-out performances, & have gained themselves a very worthy FOUR STARS




Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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