The Sunset Five

Pleasance Dome, Potterrow

Until August 31

17:40 (1h)



Alive with six characters this is a fun ride of a show. It takes the electric street vibe atmosphere at the Fringe and fuses it into a very comprehensive all be it completely light hearted upbeat entertainment. An impressive use of various stage props including recording on an effects pedal. Dialogue is quick and rolls on in the crazy plot. The Pleasance dome venue is a large public glass dome that houses a few separate venues, Queen Dome can hold a crowd of 175. However, even at half capacity the hour was full on.

This was an unexpected show, It starts with music but with the first burst of dialogue I was transfixed till the final bow. Laugh out loud and hilarious in its exploration of the six very distinctive characters. Synchronisation at times is inventive putting the stage to use in alternative ways. Quirky and distinctive in all of its aspects the story line centres around a group of friends investigating debt solution. The incredible thing about this play is that there is no main star; everyone is equally valid. Meandering between disliking a character to then discovering a liking for them before the end is a common thread in this production keeping the audience transfixed. It’s experimental yet solid.

At a show like this we are not just the audience but participants. In the special vibe of the Festival this production has a particular edge. The performers don’t break character at any point whether they sit in the background or are actively working the floor. This dedication creates superb interactions. These interchanges reverberate between the acting crew and audience. The stand up type dialogue from start to finish was perfect for this theatre environment. Good quality, abrupt but relaxed, there is even an action quality to it. I would recommend seeing it. FOUR STARS


Reviewer:  Daniel Donnelly  

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