Gruesome Playground Injuries

1A Hill St




Now this was a God send, the Angels answered my prayers. I awoke this morning feeling a bit sorry for myself. I was needing a bit of TLC. I live alone you see and have been single for quite some time. After I receiving my Mumble mission of the day I headed for my date with destiny. I was greeted warmly by the handsome producer as I waited for the performance to be called. Venue 1A Hill Street, is an office that has been remarkably changed into a small well equipped theatre, that is welcoming and warm.  This lovely piece of theater was just what the Angels ordered. A tale of enduring but unfulfilled love. The play begins at school in the nurses office when our hero’s are 13 years old. Doug (The Boy) is an accident prone young man, there was more than a little resemblance of myself at that age. Throwing caution to the wind and riding his push bike off of the school roof ,Evel Knievel  style. Doug comes out worse for ware and ends up in the nurses office.  Kayleen (The Girl) is there because of a stomach bug and sickness. The portrayal of the 13 year old characters was perfect and very funny.

This 90 minutes of brilliant theatre visits our hero’s at different stages of their lives. It is always the serendipitous nature of Doug’s accidents that bring them together. Kayleen has a healing touch. In one scene Doug loses an eye and Kayleen comes to visit him in hospital. Doug pleads for Kayleens healing touch. This brought tears to my eye’s, no,  more than that I was fare greeting. There are deeper issues that are touched upon like Kayleen’s self harm of cutting herself with a razor, but no real explanation as to why she would do such a thing. Although the subject matter was quite dark by nature, this was a story of how the love between two people can last a lifetime with a constant tension of will they or won’t they get it on. Indeed it is a tale of the healing properties of Tender Loving Care and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The stage lighting was superb and the acting and script were very entertaining  Indeed. A top notch 90mins of afternoon entertainment. Tender Loving Care. FIVE STARS


Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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