Liquid Room Annexe

Aug 27-30




‘Married to herself. Divorced from reality.’

I’ve seen a few one-human shows this Fringe, but none of them can touch Christel Bartelse’s widely-toured Oneymoon for sheer entertainment. Like a love-filled, fluff-bunny on crack, this Canadian comic-actress flounces about her stage with the joy of teenage girl before her bedroom mirror initiating herself into the world of fashion. Her story is a simple one. She is one of those modern women who, searching for the perfect husband to come along for so long has become quite neurotic about it, & absolutely insists that on a first date she & her prospective mate must list each other flaws in order to determine compatibility. These neuroses have then tipped her over the edge into ‘where’s-my-medication‘ delusional behaviour – & at the start of the play we find her on honeymoon… married to herself!

Christel-Bartelse-in-ONEymoon-Photo-by-Shawn-McPerson-2-294x300Of the plays creation, Christel told the Mumble, ‘I was struggling with my own issues surrounding relationships, being single & a fear of commitment. What did I really want? I decided to go on a Solo Beach vacation. As I was packing, it felt like I was going on a ‘Honeymoon for one’… a ONEymoon.’ After her time at the beach, & a spot of being unfaithful to herself with a waiter named ‘Roberto,’ Christel returns to her life in the big city. Although firmly committed to herself, we witness the inevitable break-down of her ‘marriage.’ Just because she was married to herself doesn’t mean the marriage is special – it too becomes under the same pressures that any conjugal commingling is under. She begins to argue with herself, while the vibrator becomes a cold, unfeeling piece of plastic… it used to be out four times a day, then once a week, & towards the end of the play once every two months!

Surreal, silly & splendid, Oneymoon is a jolly romp through a woman’s insecurities & phantasies : a most special play garnished with a special performance. FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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