Dark Matter

Venue 13





Venue 13 is a small and well equipped comfortable theater, a peaceful enclave in the throbbing heart of the Fringe! Its always a pleasure to come here and the surreal experimental theater that is performed here always makes me think.Dark Matter proved to be no exception to the rule of thumb!

This was a dark and very poignant tale of capitalism and greed meeting a fitting end at the hand of revolution from the people. The play opens with the heroine fighting the need not to drink. There.is a knock at the door and in walks a disheveled man with a torn sleeved jacket. Having just walked the riot torn streets outside.The drama unfolds as the couple move through the shadows generated by fear and disillusionment, while the world that they have built crumbles around them.

With a sharp twist in the tale, we are transported to a different reality. Where the revolution had been overturned by genocide. Perfectly reflecting the governments of America and The United Kingdom’s push to alienate and punish the most vulnerable in society. Political genocide to protect big business and greed.

With a cruel twist of karma at the end, there are no winners in this portrayal of a dystopian future. Although a work of fiction. This is a play that could very easily portray the outcome of Austerity, especially with current levels of greed running amok.Unfortunately, we are living the prologue of this well thought out script. As the title of the Performance suggests, Dark Matter, is very dark indeed.  THREE STARS



Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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