Gilded Balloon
6-30th Aug
wasted (1)This show is an authentic insight into the events of two young people who have a drunken one night stand and face the consequences, dealing with how events actually unfolded and the grey area of consent. The writer has done a creative job of portraying a difficult scenario without focusing the onus on either Oli or Emma, the two main characters. The play confronts drinking, particularly in excess, as well as showing the inability of our culture to keep these individuals safe. The focus of the script is in dealing with the difficult decision of whether or not to take legal action over a crime which has vaguely remembered details and huge ramifications.
Both actors play numerous parts throughout the show, and do an exemplary job of making distinctive changes between each with varying vocal tones and body language alterations. The director has done a superb job in showing the narrative in a nonlinear style, with successful use of flash back and ‘sliding doors’ style scenes. The lighting and sound effects cleverly support these moments. Personally, I feel this play carries a powerful message and think that any young person who likes to party hard should take time to see this show. FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi McKenzie

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