Okinawa Sansan

Greenside @ Nicolson Square
20th-22 – 24 – 29 August


Okinawa Sansan Flyer Front- Scrren shotThis is a traditional play from the island Okinawa in Japan. Tradition seems to be the word. The traditional costumes, wooden instruments and folk music were just awe inspiring, if explosive was the start I couldn’t wait to see what was next.  Following the story of Sanla and his wife, embarking on this exotic love story the cast of 8 (including the musicans) proceeded to take us on that same journey..

With acted scenes of village life, fishing, farming and beautiful dance the wooden drums and violin touched your heart. At this point I got goose bumps !!!  The acting, the back drops, the music , the costumes and the miming all added to the magical atmosphere that had engulfed the room. To be presented with such a well written, acted and delivered piece of Japanese life was a true privilege . Looking around the room at the audience I could see that they felt the same as me, spiritually uplifted with what was happening in front of them…

sansan2The cast hard worked hard at perfecting this, with the classical Ryukyu Court dance came a  delicate but beautiful piece of magic. With the sound of the Sanshin in the background (a type of Japanese guitar), this part of the show moved like silk from a spiders web, capturing that moment in time.  The drumming was thunderous but soothing at the same time, whilst the violin just tweaked your heart strings.  From courtship, to marriage to the birth of their child, this was a wee peak into daily life on the island of Okinawa , I must add that all the cast are from Okinawa and did their island proud…

This show has travelled to many places around the world and we should be glad that they have returned to Edinburgh to let us be part of their life”s..  In so many words, this show was spectacular , beautiful, colourful, awesome , inspiring, uplifting, warm and  very well presented..   There was also a wee touch of Scotland added in, I am sure I heard the violin treating us to the sound of Amazing Grace !!!!   Well done to all the cast of Okinawa Sansan for a true look at Japanese life and culture…  I will be going to see this show for a second time before it ends. FIVE STARS

five-stars Reviewer : Spud

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