Woman’s Hour


20th-30th (not saturdays)




Divines itinerary of Wednesdays reviews and witness began at Summerhall for the rather refreshing “Womans Hour”. Before hand I had a jolly good tinkle on the ‘Anatomy Of The Piano’ Man’s Piano, at the entrance of Summerhall. It was a musical day. So a light hearted Lesbian Romp was just the ticket. There were lots of pictures of of some beautiful examples of the vulva, cinder-cooked bra masturbation scenes and lots of surreal silliness.

Believe me, Women’s Hour by Sh!t Theatre is very sexy and will appeal to gay girls and straight men in equal measure. This was a massive fuck you to homophobes everywhere!! The essence of the play is feminist, yes, but done with tongue firmly in cheek that’s a real treat to witness. Yet, the silliness detracts from what are really quite core issues in the modern world, & one finds oneself not completely willing to laugh along. Yet…


It was loud.
It was proud.
It had all the right ingredients for a mid-afternoon orgy. Take a cushion and a box of tissues!

Reviewer : Make ‘Calvert’ Divine

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  1. Which part was lesbian? I must have missed that bit.

    I like lesbianism.

    I have tissues.

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