Blind Man’s Song

King Dome – Pleasance Dome

6th Aug 2015 – 30th Aug 2015



 BlindMansSong_JVB copie - final


Passionate and powerful. Potent but tender. Poignant and bewitching. Mesmerizing and responsive to the extremes of imagination. Electric is not substantial enough to describe fully what a gift this festival oblation is. The ebb and flow between Selma Roth, Guillaume Pige and Alex Judd enthrall as they render our emotions speechless like their act. This third production from Theatre Re will not fail to impress you because everything has been pushed to perfection. First rate lighting and musical score become our language here as the cast journey us through the eyes of a musician who has never seen but responds to ‘the supernatural,the magical and the emotional sparks that seep into us when the eyes are closed.’



This is a rare breed of theater/mime that will etch itself to memory making it impossible to forget which you will be grateful for. Exemplary choreography makes this exceptional meditative magic a massage for you brain.This is a Fringe highlight worth its weight seized.Stop reading – just go before it sells out! FIVE STARS



Reviewer : Clare Crines

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