Citizen Puppet

The Pleasance Courtyard







Watching Citizen Puppet is an interesting experience. In essence it is a radio play placed upon the stage, for the ‘actors’ – a series of well-stitched, gothical puppets remain fixed onto their chairs throughout. We are introduced to them all at the start of the play in a hilarious few minutes which sets the scene : the aftermath of Jack cutting down the beanstalk, with the beanstalk having landed on the small, rural village of Massiville with devastating consequences. From here, the story is then flash-backed by the puppets, which are operated & given voices by blacked-out humans.



After such a smashing start, I was looking forward to a cracking play – but within a few minutes I realised this was not to be the case. The ‘action,’ so-to-speak, became difficult to follow at times, & the ‘jokes’ spread out far too thinly. There were some bright moments, of course, but I found the entire spectacle was a visual treat, yes, but weakened by an underwhelming story-arc. THREE STARS



Reviewer : Damo Bullen 

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