Gilded Balloon Pleasance Dome
7-31st August
I absolutely loved this show! Clever, witty and contemporary; a drama of a man and a woman who literally bump into each other, telling a tale of every bump in the road their encounter brings them afterwards. An excellent account of the modern dating system and how men and women are not so much from Mars and Venus like they used to be, but that somehow, all gender seem to be fumbling about somewhere on Jupiter. This dynamic duo, bring serendipity and fate into question as they sound out inner monologues, between dialogue, and act out script which is noised out by background radio and television sounds – Genius!
The story is something that all modern lovers can identify with, throughout some stage, but my favorite parts were the creative use of storytelling. I would love to see more life lessons from these guys, as I found them captivating. Their ability to prevent any kind of boredom throughout the show is a talent which is difficult to nail, and I noticed this effect seemed to envelope the rest of the audience aside from myself; which were a mix of gender and age too, showing that these guys have really come up with something special.
Working together as they do, I can see the potential they have to educate very young children as well as intellectually stimulate a more mature audience; so I hope they carry on with the style they have developed and I fully encourage them in directing their messages towards creating healthy influences on their spectators, because they really have the power to make you think about their performance long after you see it. Funny, endearing and surprisingly deep. FIVE STARS.
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

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  1. Loved this show. Very talented group of writers and performers. You be foolish not to see them at the Edinburgh festival.

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