The Wedding Reception

B’est Restaurant

16-23 (not 17)

Times vary – check link


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Being a fan of the Faulty Towers Dining Experience, I bobbed along to B’est restaurant in a jolly good mood, brimming with expectation of a fun-filled afternoon. As soon as I arrived my instinct was proved right… with the sun streaming down we were greeted outside the restaurant by several of the show’ characters; Ricky, the cockney best man… Marvyn,. the wedding planner… Lyn, the Lancashire accented mother of the bride whose garish costume was donned in order to prove that orange and pink DO go together. She soon filled us in on the back story, that her daughter, Kate, had eloped with Ricky’s best mate Will, & that she had tracked them down to Edinburgh in order to throw them a celebratory party.

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Once inside the restaurant – where our starters were awaiting – the day’s adventuring began, a series of comedy scenes played out by the four members of the cast. Into the mix were thrown  the father of the bride, the mother of the groom & the auntie of the groom, while various audience members were allotted roles, such as Sharon & Shanice, the bridesmaids, & Gino the hairdresser which was given to yours truly. From the best man’s speech, where the difficult art of making comedy bad was performed with aplomb, through the opening of the well-naff presents, to the absolute hysterical antics of the Kat-Slater-like groom’s mother, the show is just pitched perfectly.  Comparing it to Faulty Towers, I could sense the newness of the thing & the actors still growing into their roles. I think when they have mastered the delivery of this wild & wonderful new show, it will become a classic in its own right. FIVE STARS



Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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