Billy Through The Window

Underbelly – Cowgate

Aug 14-17, 19-30





This is a supremely-well acted play, its two young protagonists surfing the cute script of Bristol Old Vic’s writer-in-attachment Tabitha Mortiboy, with a certainty & confidence which belies their years. The scene is some kind of twitchers hut, to which the recently-grown-ill Billy is taken to by his best friend, Joe. Coming from a children’s care home, they have become inseparable, & the fact that Billy needs his medicine has become a wedge into their friendship.


From the innocent, fun-filled beginnings the play grows progressively darker, & brings out the burgeoning talents of our two fresh-faced actors. They manage to invoke the childish qualities of their pre-pubescent characters with a giddying flourish, that reminded me of a more serious Kevin & Perry.  A fascinating addition to Bellow Theatre’s well-respected repertoire, this is a play that connects with those primal bonds of friendship forged in youth & one to which every watcher must relate. FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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