Nudity, Free Beer, Good For Kids.

 Venue 13





Venue 13 is a charming wee theater, tucked away in the Cannon Gait, it is always welcoming and houses some of the best surreal, experimental theater. Today I saw Nudity, Free Beer and Good For Kids, which definitely ticked all the boxes for surreal. Performed by an American theater company called Yuffa, I reviewed a performance by them last year that left me confused but enthralled. The Good for Kids bit was excellently presented by two very colorful characters, the lady presenter being one of the most attractive women I have seen in quite some time. So when she doubled as a stripper (The Nudity Bit) Divine was blushing. So beautiful and so sexy.


Then we had a Rock Star and his Girlfriend. I’m not too sure what their roles were, apart from looking good. Both Rock Star and His Girlfriend had brilliant Hair. The girlfriend’s blonde and black ringlet hair was outstanding. Both babes stripped for the show, stopping at underwear and stockings. More is always less, this had Divine howling and wolf whistling. So tasteful nudity, very burlesque from two very beautiful ladies indeed. So, Experimental, Sexy, maybe a bit Kinky for Kids, There was free beer, but at mid day it was too early for Divine. To be honest it was more of a cold shower I was needing. Very Good, But Not For Everyone.A Very Good Looking Show. THREE STARS.    

three-starsReviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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