Bayou Blues

Venue 13


11th-29th (not 17th)



Sitting in Holyrood Park, listening to the sound of bagpipes with the sun blazing down, a nice tone was set for my visit to see Bayou Blues at the Edinburgh Fringe. Venue 13 is set up just off Carlton road on Lochend close &  in such a quiet and atmospheric space I felt this was going to be a very interesting piece of theatre. The set design is simple but eye-catching… a run of thin curtains and a stage was all that Shaina Lynn utilised to create the perfect blend of theatre & storytelling… all dished out through her sublimely-crafted acting skills.


Shaina delivered her play with conviction, emotion, expression and feeling… commanding my attention for 45 minutes of pure concentration as I heard her evolving story of life in New Orleans. Hers is a strong and powerful tale of a blacker-than-black girls struggle with life in New Orleans before and after the great storm of 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. In an already racially oppressed society, her outcast colour prevented her from making any progress in life in a society that could never classify her as beautiful. Her experiences of extreme prejudices and haunting memories of that fateful day in 2005 leave you feeling touched and humble. I would recommend this show to anyone who has an interest in both history and theatre. A very moving Four Stars.


Reviewer : Spud

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