Assembly George Square Studios

Aug 9-18, 20-30



Adam Riches Comes Good!


Now this was a blast, a lovely afternoon’s bit of entertainment. Five suitors looking for the hand in marriage of a pretty girl; an all-star cast of comedy actors, including the very theatrically talented Adam Riches, perfectly bringing to life the characters and personalities of Gogol’s classic play. Tom Parry’s adaptation takes us back to a time of an opulent Victorian age, where the Village Hag plays Cupid. Hilariously, Cupid is called Fanny, and she stinks. That’s the only thing that stinks though. I found myself  immediately captivated by this slice of quality light entertainment.


Divine loved the characters of Stephen the butler, whose metamorphosis into Stephanie made me giggle. The hero of the tale, a handsome Civil Servant, employs the services of Smelly Fanny to find a suitable wife.The results are most engaging and very, very entertaining… warming the hearts of this audience. A Tragedy! A Comedy! A Winner!  A bit like Marriage itself I suppose. FIVE STARS


Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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