The Eulogy Of Toby Peach

Underbelly – Ironbelly
6th – 30th August
£10/£9 – £11/£10
The Eulogy of Toby Peach is an autobiographical play, brought to you by an outstanding performer of art. If you are not brought to tears in the first five minutes then you are quite simply made of stone. Don’t worry either way, Toby will have you laughing by minute seven. Toby takes us through a beautiful numerical account of time as he paints a personal portrait of his history before the diagnosis of Lymphoma cancer interrupts his youth and teaches him of his own mortality.
Toby uses fun props and atmospheric lighting techniques to outline scenes and characters throughout the sketch and photos are projected to help bring you closer to him and his family, while he skips with grace between serious personal experiences, interesting educational facts, beautiful emotional anecdotes and frighteningly hilarious and imaginative re-enactments of the various treatments of cancer.
We also witness a fantastical rendition of Willy Wonka in a stem-cell-stylee and will have you clutching both humorous bones as you crease in half while he tells of his romantic affair with Ivy. Toby may very well be the only man to be pumped for 23hours and still have enough gusto to make a song and dance about it. Excellent! Toby is a Peach of a human being, with a beautiful mind – thank goodness for us that we still have him! His bravery is astonishing and exceptionally admirable.  FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

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