La Ronde

C Venues – C Nova

Aug 7-17, 19-31






Promised a dose of theatrical Viagra that will get the juices flowing, La Ronde, or Circle of Love, serves exactly that. Shocking scenes, nudity and creative twists. A beautifully crafted, naughty and tantalizing play.  Set in 1890s Vienna, the supremely talented cast from Zebronkey perform ten unique scenes each with a different dynamic and a new combination of sexual partners. The dominant character shifts as Thea Balich and Mark Lyle take quite literally a “ride” through various classes highlighting how sexual contact sees no class boundaries. The power of the sexes over one another chops and changes between characters and honestly depicts the emotional and physical power struggles.


The scene changes were slick and engaging with black boards and bed sheets used to introduce the characters in the next scene. The play is a good mix of serious acting and laugh out loud awkwardness. The two comic servants meant there was always a healthy serving of raucous comedy; a variety of interesting props are used to hilariously depict the sounds and acts of sex getting more creative and ridiculous as the play unfolds. The juxtaposition of the main actors in sometimes borderline circumstances and compromising positions with the servants comic sideshow, means that the sex acts between the main characters never become seedy. They are cut at just the right moment.


And it’s certainly not all about the sex – the script, stage use and acting here are all sublime. Thea Balich and Mark Lyle are nothing short of absolutely fantastic. I found myself transfixed with them both. Thea is a beautiful woman who oozes body confidence (with good reason) and swings with ease between playing a prostitute, a maid, a wife and a young girl to name a few. Mark Lyle is equally impressive and plays the rough sailor just as convincingly as the nervous student. Their relationship in every scene has such chemistry I could have watched so much more!


I can certainly see why this play was once banned. It is not for the prudish or faint of heart. But that shouldn’t deter you, if anything it should encourage you to go. If you like to be shocked, impressed and to laugh out loud all at the same time make your way to C Venue pronto. You will leave wanting to tell everyone to go along and possibly feeling a little flustered! It will be a hard one to beat for me. What are you waiting for? FIVE STARS



Reviewer : Louise Mason

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  1. That is epic, fantastic Wow give us more next year.

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