Previews : Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Backstage in Biscuit Land - winner of best shows by an Emerging Company/Artist & the Total Theatre Awards

Backstage in Biscuit Land – winner of best shows by an Emerging Company/Artist & the Total Theatre Awards 2014

So tomorrow it begins, the month-long drama-fest that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. New material, old material, its all being flung into the epic maelstrom which sees hundreds of thousands of punters take their seats to be, well, entertained. The choices are vast, from well-established veterans to bright-eyed kids making their first step up from their school drama groups. So to help the punters decide what to see this August, the Mumble has made the following selection of plays which are well worth a look.



A couple. A suitcase. A game lost. A memory played. When Aine loses her memory, Mihail constructs a form of therapy to help bring her back. But therapy with the one you love can be a very funny game. What happens when the rules change? Ashes Afar spikes social politics with bitter humour. Watch the lives of this young immigrant couple unravel in this fractured story about memory, love and the loss of both. A Romanian-Irish collaboration forged in the UK.


IamI Mumble

Iami is a theatrical piece that utilises a range of disciplines to create an ethereal world, which incites wonder in the disillusioned masses by making typically sacred themes accessible via secularisation. It follows an eclectic grouping of people: Aila, a woman who has drowned herself; Iam, a being with a mirror for a face; Deos, a man who has been ritualistically sacrificed; Feriluc Maydie and Wellesley Kelvin, a clairvoyant and an explorer who’ve accidentally died as a result of contracting cholera. They find themselves within the Eversphere after their deaths and must reconcile their identities with apparent immortality.


Hamlet Edinburgh Poster

There is no Ghost. There is no Equivocation. Only Revenge. Hamlet isn’t happy. A letter from his dead father explains that Uncle Claudius bumped him off and to rub salt into the wound he’s married Hamlet’s Mum Gertrude. This injustice will not stand as the murderous teenager sets out on a roaring rampage of revenge. Hot-footing it from their hugely acclaimed London and Oxford tour of Hamlet, English Repertory Theatre bring their 80 minute action packed extravaganza starring a woman as Hamlet to the festival this year.


ModernTroubadours-Poster (1)

An original music, theatre, and storytelling show, with harp, flute, percussion, singing and dance. The show is inspired by the Mexican festivity Day of the Dead, and explores the meaning and intricacies of life and death in different cultures, through folktales from around the world.


NFBGFK mumble

A daily challenge to realise the best marketing scheme on the Fringe. Join us in competitive capitalist victory or watch us lose our shirts…guaranteed beer, and kids will love it. Title is a promise. We’ll always be tasteful…or tasty…maybe both?


Billy Through the Window A3

‘It’s a secret, Billy. That means we can’t say anything, and we can’t be seen.’ At a children’s care home, Joe and Billy meet. The boys do everything together. They brush their teeth to the same rhythm and fold their socks along identical lines. But when Billy gets ill, Joe can’t bear to be different. He takes Billy to a hideout and sets two rules: no more medicine, nobody needs to know. A thrilling and tender new play from Bristol Old Vic writer-in-attachment Tabitha Mortiboy and the critically acclaimed Bellow Theatre.



A hilarious look at the best period of your life. Clown sisters Morro and Jasp are at that age where the hormones are always flaring, the telephone keeps ringing, and the punk rock can never be too loud. As Morro attempts to hide from feminine hygiene products, Jasp longs for womanhood and the boy of her dreams. This smash hit explores the trials and tribulations of growing up.



masterpiece about the perils of love, lust and unprotected sex. Set in 1890s Vienna, La Ronde, translated asCircle Of Love, refers to the daisy chain of sexual encounters that determines the format of the play. Ten wryly observed interlocking scenes between pairs of lovers offer social commentary on how sexual contact transgresses boundaries of class. Translated by Frank and Jacqueline Marcus, see director Clive Perrott’s thoroughly wicked, extremely naughty and very funny interpretation of this notorious classic. Fancy a dose of theatrical Viagra?


Edinburg Poster No Border

A heart-warming yet hard-hitting original drama about family, conflict, loss and growing up. Inspired by the classic children’s book The Story of Ferdinand, this is the wonderful and provocative tale of Tom, a single dad, an ordinary man attempting to go with the flow, raise his son, and keep it together in a world of corporate bullying and classroom peer pressure, which is determined to make him fight. Ferdinand will have the whole family cheering as it answers the question, who do you want to be – the bully or the bull?


CP advert red quote writing larger

Once upon a time in a far off imaginary place… a giant fell out of the sky. ‘There were roofs down, windows blown in’, says Puppet Granny Tina Henderson, puffing on a Malboro Light. ‘It wasnae funny.’ The makers of Fringe First Award-winning show The Table, return to Edinburgh with a puppet-docudrama which tells the true story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They look behind the scenes and uncover a dark tale of gambling, greed, theft and murde


Bump Poster Gilded Balloon

When two people collide can their lives become entangled? Bump explores the connection between two people, who are constantly sharing their thoughts with the audience throughout the dialogue. To enhance this style, sometimes the characters speak at the same time, share the same thoughts or completely contrast each other as their words overlap and inter-tangle. In this fast-paced, highly physical piece, Eliana and Ian move in harmony as we watch their happiness and struggles on a very intimate level. Bump provides plenty of humour with many twists and turns along the way.


Bayou Blues mumble

Taunted because of the colour of her skin and faced with a family that hits her heart like a hurricane, this young girl must reach inside to overcome life’s storms. An experience inspiring us to never stop dreaming! This Capitol Fringe hit is performed by Shaina Lynn, born a poet in the Bayous of New Orleans, this Creole Queen rode the storm to the bright lights of New York City. She has performed her poetry at Bowery Poetry Club, Inspired Word (NYC), and Busboys and Poets. And has featured at the infamous La-Ti-Do (DC).


Flyposter for Mumble

“The darling strumpet of the crowd”, nineteen-year old Nell is celebrated for her comic acting, particularly when she gets to dress as a boy to show off her legs. However, Charles Hart, her manager and former lover, keeps casting her in tragic roles to embarrass her in front of her new amour, King Charles II. Nell fears that if she cannot be her sexy, lively self onstage, the King will fall out of love with her off it. So, aided by the audience in the Pit, she concocts a plan to win Hart round and consolidate both her roles as comedienne and courtesan.


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