52 Shades of Maggie Dirty Dancin’ in the Pub

Eden Court, Inverness
10th April
Eden Court theatre was packed out with ladies on Friday night to see the talented and energetic Kirsty Strain! Stage set with a giant 4metre leopard print high heel and love heart back drop Kirsty entered as the glaswegien, 80’s loving chav ‘Maggie Muff’.
This unique show told the story of Maggie and best friend ‘Big Sally Ann’ as they prepared for the birthday party of a life time in the local pub. Characters included ‘Igor’ Sally Ann’s boyfriend the dogger, a constant issue for Maggie as she loses her best friend to a man. Sinead, the girls Irish friend and her ‘buckalishis’ brother Anthony who Maggie develops a crush on. Billy – Maggies on off boyfriend- who is constantly used for a quick ‘pump’ then deserted, and various extras all played by Kirsty and her hilarious accents and impressions.
In preparation for Sally Ann’s big birthday night the girls get into all sorts of trouble on the estate. With there fixation on Dirty Dancing the girls perfect ‘the’ dance routine for Sally’s birthday night, but will Maggie get to be Sally’s partner or will Igor take over? The pair deal with issues such as Igor being deported, fake passports, Sally Ann being arrested for shop lifting, accidents at zumba, shagging tri-pods, a lack of cash and no strawberry daiquiri! All played with the backdrop of council estate living and life on the brew.
The show was packed with dancing, soundtracks, swearing, chavness and sex! The heart of the story being the love between two life long best friends, and sticking up for each other no matter what. A hilarious night out, but not for the easily offended. Well done Kirsty Strain and writer Leesa Harker. An unforgettable night!
Reviewer : Stephanie McDaid

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