Complete History of Comedy (abridged) 

Eden Court


10th Feb


From the people who brought you the complete works of Shakespeare in less than 2 hours, comes a new comedy show that attempts to chronicle the whole history of comedy. Starting at the earliest joke (and jokers) all the way through to modern times. The Comedy Trio demonstrate amazing talent with all the different comedic arts on show from satire to slapstick.

The story begins with the guys finding an ancient text called the art of comedy, written by the art of wars author -Sun Tzu’s younger brother Ah Tzu (Achoo!). Each chapter tells of a different type of comedy which they go on to demonstrate to varying degrees.

As with their other shows this is performed at breakneck pace. The wide variety of different jokes mean that not everything is going to hit the mark but when a joke fell flat with the audience they would recover with brilliant one liners. There was a feeling throughout the show that it this was written for an American audience with several references that may not be picked up by the UK audience- including a Abe Lincoln stand up. That said they are still worth a watch if only for the over the top slapstick routine.

Reviewer : Lucy Tonkin

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