Flame Proof


Tue 7 Oct – Sat 11 Oct 1pm
(additional 7pm performance on Fri, 10 Oct)

£12 – includes a pie and a pint of beer / glass of wine / fruit juice / tea or coffee


Hell hath no fury like a mentally unbalanced pyromanic chick, whose perfect life has been torn apart by a hotter, younger TV weathergirl. Written by the talented, young theatrical Scottish polymath, Lesley Hart, FLAME PROOF tells the story of a curious 3AM meeting in a wedding marquee. The part of Lyssa,  the dumped harpy, is played out to perfection by an extremely confident & funny Michelle Gallacher, into whose vengeance scheme rolls a drunken Buddy (Billy Mack), the elder brother of the aforementioned TV weathergirl.

Buddy soon works out Lyssa’s true reasons for being at the wedding, & there follows an excellent 50 gossipy minutes of to-ing & fro-ing, fencing between various moods as our two players bound through Hart’s cheeky script. It was also pleasant to be immersed in a play which focuses on the psychological nature of its adherents, a wee little Hamlet in the afternoon. Talking about Shakespeare, there was also a nice slice of a Comedy of Errors, which saw the two players cross-dressing in order to act out Lyssa’s phantasy wedding.

The play is part of the Traverse’s long-running & long-loved PPP programme – i.e. a play, a pie & a pint, to which, with this play in mind, I’d like to add three more Ps… professional & perfectly paced. FOUR STARS
four stars
Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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