La Clique

The Spiegeltent, St Andrews Square

21-24 August



I have followed La Clique’s magnificent conception of ground-breaking performance art since 2004, from The Adelaide Fringe to George Square Gardens as part of The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, the Spiegel’s former Edinburgh Fringe mainstay. Before Assembly so rudely stole the idea and concept, replicating it under their own banner and making this show homeless in Edinburgh in 2011. La Clique resurfaced in the newly housed Spiegeltent on George St in 2012 and 2013. Now located in St Andrews Square, with a back drop that resembles Glastonbury Festivals winning art project.,Bloc 9,  La Clique has landed at long last, two weeks into the Fringe. With a Cabaret Review that lives up to the Royal Variety Show standards that we have become accustomed to. Yes, The Pole Dancers have arrived, after having been stuck in Kiev. A late addition to proceedings & well worth the wait.

Although slightly more expensive than other Fringe shows, the price represents value for money because of the exquisite and original performances of world class Cabaret. Breathtaking and athletically acrobatic,  with enough eye-candy to satisfy, astonish and turn on the most critical of Bohemians. Thirteen individual performances that deserve an independent review (a  work currently in progress which will be an exclusive to The… Divine has friends in high places). My only critique of this spectacular show is the rude, arrogant nature of the magician who insulted a member of the audience for laughs. (Bring Back Paul Zennon)




A show that doesn’t buckle under its own weight of ambition,
La Clique doesn’t need good press, its reputation as the greatest show on Earth ensures a capacity audience. If you are going to treat yourself or are looking for entertainment, then La Clique cannot fail to entertain. I believe the show is sold out, but some tickets are available on the door Book in advance.You will be pleased that you did.

This would have been a deserved 5 Star performance, had the magician not lowered the tone with rude and insulting comedy, scraping the barrel for laughs and detracting from the exceptional quality that is so skillfully represented in La Clique. FOUR STARS

four stars
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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