The Bastard Son Of Remington Steel.

Underbelly Cowgate

Aug 19, 21, 23





I am pleased to say that I have reviewed some magnificent examples of performance art since I have been writing for the Mumble. So, it is fair to say that this ill-informed play on the trauma of becoming an Orphan has buckled under its own ambition. It was also far too short. It was this level of armature dramatics that I had been expecting from the off-set this Fringe. Thank goodness this was the exception and not the rule.



Were the cast suffering hang overs? I mean whats the rush. The  venue didn’t help things, as the sound of Sunday revelers in The Cowgate distracted what attention span I had from trying to fathom my way through this play, which I assume can only be a work in progress. Good in parts but not fully formed. 2 Stars!



Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert



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