Pomegranate Jam



2-23 August




An early start for Divine on this Sunday of Theater. Arriving at the venue with only minutes to spare before the start of the performance, I took my seat in the packed theater. A packed theater at 10.00am two weeks into the fringe just doesn’t happen. It was this that told me something of merit was about to unfold. I was not mistaken.

The Performance is titled.”Pomegranate: A Shadow Ballet” A story of unrequited love told through the medium of puppetry and Ballet. All silhouettes of a very talented cast acting and dancing behind a screen. Performance art as good as this doesn’t need to be explained but it does need to be experienced. An interpretation of every hard luck story about giving ones heart away to a ball breaker. And just how painful the consequential process of such an action is. Ouch! 

We follow our hero’s through the stages of heart break and renewal, expertly Interpreted through choreography and dance. The Shadows Of Love are laid to bare in such an exquisitely beautiful way. 45 minuets of eye candy performed to a haunting soundtrack,played by one achingly beautiful violin.

This wonderful work of art I can not recommend more Highly. Sexy and another Masterclass. Five Stars.




Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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