Victims of Influence

 Venue 13

15-23 August

£6-£8 (2 for 1)




This play is a wonder to behold, a shadowy world of silhouettes, black & white film, projected poetry & gothic undertones – a perfect piece of theatre noir. The cast of four vibrant, young Canadian ladies enact an asimovian vision of the future, full of tarot imagery & mind-twisting momentum. Two scenes in particular are worthy of praise. At the beginning, there is a scene straight from 2001, where the four ladies grunt Neanderthal-like their way into the power of speech.  The other has one of the lasses masturbating with a phone while the wife of her lover speaks on the other end of the line.


This is a brilliantly executed piece of theatre, with gripping physical movements pulsating through an excellently written script. FIVE STARS



Reviewer – Damo Bullen






















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