Totally Devoted

The Space @Surgeon’s Hall

14-23 August




This was a snapshot of a not too distant past, when true fans of celebrated artists would camp out all night to obtain tickets for access to the object of devotion. Indeed, this play mirrored my own experience of camping out all night for tickets to see David Bowie perform with Tin Machine at Bradford Saint Georges Hall in 1989. A time when concert access was not governed by a credit card and a computer. 
Totally Devoted is a warm and funny play that brings a diverse set of characters together waiting for an audience with Robert Pattison. From the middle class house wife in constant contact with a caring husband, through the Northern English security guard who looks after everyone, to the excited Polish lady hoping to find love in the queue.

This is a play that could easily be the source material for a television sitcom. Light entertainment and refreshingly lovely. Very enjoyable indeed.FOUR STARS
four stars
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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