Guinea Pigs on Trial



14 / 16 / 19/ 21 / 23 August



Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit are the young & funky brains & brawn London-based behind Sh!t Theater. This year they have brought a slice of investigative journalism to Edinburgh, performed with a kind of bunny-rabbit relish as they bound across the floor of the delectable Anatomy Lecture Theater at the Summerhall. The show’s premise is the girls attempting to get onto various medical trials across London – which ultimately they fail to do – except for a £33 a dayer which is a hell of the £400o they were hoping for.

Two years ago, the girls brought their Job Seekers Anonymous to Edinburgh, & perhaps their reputation preceeded them, for the theater was pretty full. As we progressed, the audience really warmed to the girls & their X-files style quest, which was backed up by Visual Projections & bits of music. For me, however, there was a distinct lack of proper entertainment, only exacerbated by the girls constant failure to get on one of the trials. Still, as a scrap-book compendium of ideas, the piece is quite novel, & I’m happy to give the girls THREE STARS


Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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