Lands of Glass


8-2 August (not 12)





Inventive, beautiful and even so original, even the instruments are unique to this performance. A beautiful Yorkshire lass falls in love with a creative visionary who is too preoccupied with his artistry to see the gift of amour devoted only to him. His muse however, and the heroine of this tale, is his personal striving for perfection. Perfection in sound and perfection in presentation.




The lighting that brings the glass instruments to life, all purples, crimsons and pinks, create a perfect ambiance for the exquisite music that billows round the stage. Eye candy and ear candy. The Yorkshire accents are lovely too. You always know where you are with Yorkshire folk.

Four Stars for brilliance and an extra star for being from Yorkshire.
So That’s Five Stars.




Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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