Love. Guts. High School

Sweet Venues – International 3 @ the Apex International Hotel
31 July – 24 August (not the 11th or 18th).

Making her UK debut  has brought her tale of adolescence to the Fringe. Her one woman show,  Love. Guts. High School. takes you though 10 years of awkward, confusing, fun, painful and very real experiences of being a teenage girl, a teenage girl in love.

Based on her own adolescence and written using exerpts from her own diaries, Jeanette’s one woman show explores how her first love impacted her as a teenager and also shaped her as an adult.  It is a tale of school crushes, first kisses, losing inocence, and the web of emotions that we wend our way though in life, oh, and Love.


Walking into the small, dark room Jeanette greets you, up close and personal.  Using very few props, she takes you straight back to the days of her 13 year old self fantasising about kissing boys and gossiping about who has a crush on who at school.  As the years pass by we share her experiences of flirting with boys,  denying her crushes to her friends, and what happens after friendship becomes sexual.

The show was brilliant.  She captured with real depth, the experience of being a teenager, morphing in to adulthood.  There were many points of cringeworthy empathy where she captures those teenage experiences of working out how to relate to boys and takes you back to your own experiences of teenage love. THREE STARS



Reviewer : Nina Jones

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