1st to 24th August




Lesson learned for this show; always consult the blurb before attending. Expecting a piece of scripted theatre and perhaps a disappointingly morose look at sex work and sexuality from this performance, I was rather astounded at what turned out to be a fearless, boundary pushing piece of live performance art.

Not for the faint hearted or indeed those below 16, this show contains full nudity and acts of a sexual nature. Not for gratuitous purposes, but rather to make the spectator think about the norms of what we sexualise, how we change from a time when being naked just meant childish innocence, and attitudes towards non-heterosexual relationships and working in the sex industry.





Not an easy task to cover these important subjects in one hour, but Amy and Rosana Cade manage to do so with aplomb, leaving inhibition at the door and drawing you in to their life experience using audience participation, imagery, true life experiences and honest self examination.  A strong, feminist and forceful production which was both the most unsettling and fantastic event I’ve seen so far… An excellent FIVE STAR


Reviewer : Antoinette Thirgood

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