Yellow Fever

Venue 13
4-23 August
Good theatre manages to draw the viewer in and make them think and this production of Yellow Fever at Venue 13 certainly did that. It focuses on just two characters, a tortured painter Vincent and his beautiful muse Siena. Vincent flips between focus and spiralling into confusion and madness as he tries to produce his art, while Siena, not without her own personal sad past, transforms from sexual temptress to frustrated lover, as Vincent’s behaviour becomes more and more erratic.
I thought the two best things about this were the acting, which was polished and convincing, and the direction, which intelligently used lighting and prop positioning to create new scenes without having to change the set at all. It was well timed in terms of pace and the actors used physical movement and good delivery to convey extremes of emotion.
Really enjoyed this and the Venue itself, which is a great location for theatre tucked in a quiet alcove off the Royal Mile. THREE STARS
Reviewer – Antoinette Thirgood

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