Assembly George Square

2-10, 12-25 August






It all takes place in the bedroom. Two realities, one called Innocence and one called Maturity. Innocence is called Leah and is 15 years of age. A girl maturing into a Lady, excited about the cherry she will pop with the fittest lad in school.

Maturity’s name is Georgie, a thirty-something example of how the grief of experience, if left unresolved, makes one dysfunctional. Having recently lost her Dad, Maturity uses the unenlightened methods of coping. Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll. Throwing inhibition to the wind, without a thought of how her actions are compounding the shadow of her unresolved experience.

Innocence explores a girl’s world where none of Maturities neurosis exist an age before heart break and loss. Leah is at the beginning of her journey; pretty, clever and a clearly loved fifteen year old. So much so there was not a heart that didn’t melt in the audience.

Maturity and Innocence work it out together.


With a beautifully written script and an immaculate thespian presentation, we were invited into the brilliant mind and subconscious of the author. Bruntwood prize winner Anna Jordan.


This a five star show and am sure Anna will be receiving a lot more awards before the end of this festive season. Again, This will be a sell out. Its only a tiny theatre & like the performance it houses, it is all very Intimate.





Reviewer – Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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