For Blood at the Root

Assembly George Sq


3-25 August (not 11 & 12)





I was given a ticket to review this show on Wednesday, while cutting a rug at the Spiegeltent’s first erected outing in Saint Andrews Square.My first Mumble Mission. To review The Edinburgh Festival Magazine’s opening party. Brandon Carter liked my moves.

So, I arrived at the venue 12,25 am on Thursday. The Show opened with a dance sequence of body popping excellence, this really stoked my fires. Preparing me for the ride that was to follow.

This play takes us to an America, where the stink of Apartheid still leaves its aroma,a reminder of a not-too-distant past where people were hung from trees because of the colour of their skin and cultural background.Man’s inhumanity to man expressed by a passive aggressive statement.Three nooses are found hanging from the branch’s of a Tree in the school playground. A statement that opened a seeping wound of social injustice. Enough to add insult to the injury caused by the past brutalities of white mans fear,ignorance and racial intolerance.


A part of America that would prefer the uncomfortable truth to remain under the carpet. A nation that has been built upon the Pain Of Slavery. Is it any wonder White America is worried. There is a bleeding wound that is still in need of Healing.

Blood At The Root, has a message that is relevant and deeply moving & yes, guys, another five star review. Well deserved. 




Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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