The Great Gatsby

 Assembly Roxy 
2-24 Aug
A grand and enchanted entrance awaits you on this firmly stylised musical take on the F.Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece ‘The Great Gatsby’. The charming Central Theatre at Assembly Roxy is the perfect venue. The vision of artistic director Ryan Domres is felt as soon as your stub is ripped when cast members stare and whisper rumours of Gatsby to each other and to some lucky members of the audience.
Set in 1922, the story revolves around central figure Nick Caraway, extremely well executed by Gabe Ford-Dunker, adding a human touch to the irresistibly profound characters he met that summer. Jordan Krsnak as Tom Buchanan nails the intimidating, capitalist and brutish figure.
As a musical, this show glares out with beautifully performed songs and particularly impressive skills with a dangling hoop. The use of a mainly modern soundtrack and monochrome set worked wonderfully with the timeless story however the use of Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ felt out of place, simply because this record is horrendously overplayed.
A beautiful heartfelt performance is given by Cora Joe Anderson as Daisy. The emotion in the show runs through her and presents fine acting and singing talent. Alex Grosz looks and plays the part of an imposing, mysterious, handsome and yet hopelessly in love Gatsby.
The class of the production is really bought to another level when the famously mentioned green light burns on e-cigarettes. It’s a real credit when a classic novel is turned to a musical with class – here is an example. Four Stars.
four stars 
Review by Thomas Boglett

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