Gilded Balloon Teviot

1-25 August (not 13)






It was the my first Fringe outing,I met Foxycat Nina for coffee on the Meadows. We decided to see which Shows would be given to us for free. The first was Outings.A play by Mathew Baldwin and Thomas Hescott at the.Gilded Balloon. Stories experienced by Gay people about the pains of coming out since Homosexuality was made Legal in 1967.

The Story of a young lads experience of being called Puff, Queer,Homo,Quentin. Through out his schooling. This brought tears to my eye’s as it reflected my own experience and could totally empathize with the three years of hell,he was describing.


I know that I have always been a Gay girl trapped in a mans body.To hear this experience being described as Trans Gender, was very affirming.

I can not recommend this wonderful piece of theater enough..

Five Stars




Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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