Pleasance Dome 
1-25 Aug
(not 12)
To see a queue curl round like a lock from a judges wig before August is impressive but to throughly entertain and educate an audience is tougher. ‘The Paper Birds’ production ‘Broke’ is already a triumph.
Jenna McDonnell and Kylie Walsh show fabulous versatility in performing various characters and scenarios explaining what and how it is like to have financial difficulties in modern Britain. Shire professionalism is shown from the off with quirky projections and animations. Thorough research is presented with statistics and voice clippings from interviews.
The real charm of the show comes from composer and third performer Shane Durrant, adding a relatable dimension to McDonnell’s and Walsh’s full bodied acting/timely movements – look out for Shane’s game show hosting ability!
Explaining what it is like to be broke today is already a difficult task as a different scapegoat can appear in the public eye weekly. Without having an aggressive political stance ‘Broke’ explains the social problems of finance and class in a witty, warming and emotional way. Truly well thought out and original. FIVE STARS
Reviewer – Tim Biglowe

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