Pleasance Dome

1-25 August (not 12th)



Jane Upton likes to put a bit of her life into her plays, as attested by 2011’s Fringe debut, Bones, which reflected her early years in Nottingham. Now living in the The Isle of White, she’s poured the very scent of the sea into her new play, Swimming, a sample of which you can see here;

The story plunges us into the world of teenage seasonal work, bringing three young ‘uns together to work out the interchanges & interplays of youth. This is done to the constant splish-splash of a wave-soundtrack, which really does soothe the senses as we immerse ourselves in the excelentl theatricals.

Jane Upton is a young writer, & this shines through in her choice of street-slang words & subjects, from masturbating blisters to cunts, cocks & minges. The lines are delivered with real confidence by the cast of three, which includes Bad Education’s Jack Bence. The stage is smartly set & there is one amazing scene where two of the characters strip off & wade into the Solent, which freaks out Mr Bence somewhat, who then simulates driving his car at his cowering semi-nude co-star.

Although aimed at the younger end of the theatre-going public, this play is a real treat & fully deserves its FOUR STARS

four stars

Reviewer- Damo Bullen

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