The Beginning
Pleasance Courtyard
August 19th to 24th
£8 to £12
the beginning

I didn’t know quite what to expect when entering the theatre. I’d chosen this play from a list because I’d presumably found the write up interesting but that was a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t really remember it. What I got was nothing I could have anticipated. And that was an entirely good thing. If Stuart Lee is the master of deconstructive comedy then this lot are the masters of deconstructive theatre. There was no set to speak of, no real narrative, the text was constantly analysing itself and there was an overarching sense of self effacement throughout the piece. However, this was all delivered with such a lightness of touch and mischievous sense of humour that things were always kept fresh, never overly intellectual or pompous. Yes, there was perhaps a touch of pretentiousness but, as Michael Stipe will tell you, that’s no bad thing.

As a piece of post modern theatre it was hard to fault. And simply as a brilliantly written piece of quality entertainment there were few flaws. As daft as it was ambitious, as joyful as it was innovative, this play was truly one of, of not the, highlight of my fringe so far. And it was all delivered by an annoyingly slim and beautiful cast to keep things easy on the eye. If you want a play that covers love, Shakespeare, Serge Gainsbourg, the joy of performance and probably a whole host of other intellectual musings that went over my head but was no the worse for it, this is the play for you. Basically if you want to be entertained and stimulated in equal measure you can’t go far wrong here. It left the pallet refreshed yet satisfied like a fine Michelin star meal.  It is pieces likethis that remind you what the fringe is all about and are vital to the future of inventive new theatre. My only gripe – the run is criminally short. FIVE STARS

5-StarsReviewer – Steve Vickers

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