Kubrick 3

Pleasance courtyard
31st July to 26th August
£6 to £12.50
Firstly, if you want to see a play about legendary film director Stanley Kubrick this is not the play for you. This piece is about Alan Conway. Who? I hear you ask. Well, Alan Conway was a ne’er do well who spent much of his adult life pretending to be Stanley Kubrick. Largely in order to bed unsuspecting young thespians and aid him in a few somewhat below board business ventures. And the beauty of it is that it’s all true.

An actor and three actresses all play the part of the dead Mr Conway, with an additional actor playing the part of his son, come to his dead father in search of answers and some kind of closure on the disappearance of his mother. What he gets in return is all you can expect from a congenital liar and egomaniac. This is all illustrated very creatively by the various performers taking on different aspects of his psyche and the ingenious set which largely consists of a sliding panel behind which various locations made of a couple of chairs and a blackboard are created. All in all the whole piece has kind of a Samuel Becket feel. Which is no bad thing.


Where the play is let down a touch however is on how unsympathetic the lead four actors are. Alan Conway had few redeeming features and even the kind of rock and roll aspect of his devil may care attitude came across more as sleazy than anti-heroic. Although maybe that’s the point. But the potential saving grace of his sons character was not fleshed out adequately enough to make him the sympathetic protagonist either. So, all in all, I was left somewhat cold by the whole experience. Never the less this is an interesting story creatively told, just don’t expect anything life-affirming or certainly any new insights into one of the world’s all time great directors. THREE STARS



Review by Steven Vickers

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