Doug Segal
Gilded Balloon
Teviot Square
16th-26th August

Award winning self proclaimed ‘Mentalist’ Doug Segal performs a mind-blowing extavaganza of comedy, magic, animation and audience interaction set in the midst of the festival action within the Gilded Balloon on Teviot Square.

On entering the show we are each given an ominous prop bag containing silver foil, card and pencil, which I eyeballed suspiciously, as it seethed of audience participation, and I felt that immediate all-too-familiar dread of ‘don’t pick me!’.
This enthusiastic, mind reading comedian engaged the audience throughout his one hour show, using a whole range of entertainment, innovative use of colourful props, hilarious interactive comedy sketches, fast and flashy jokes, audience participation and some brilliant mind miracles that left the audience gasping. He engages the audience to explore the ideas of telepathy, clairvoyance and mind control punctuating it with bubbly one liners. Some of his jokes were a bit weak, and the venue seating arrangements were badly designed causing it to be difficult to see the full stage, but all in all an entertaining evening. THREE STARS
three stars
Reviewer – Teri Welsh


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